Composition of numbers – Make a number using addition

Composition of numbers from 1 to 10 - how to explain to a child

Present your child with a special poster: "Number Composition" or draw it yourself. And you can not only draw, but also use small objects: leaves, shells, candy wrappers. It's time to show your imagination. A self-made poster, firstly, will be better remembered, more clearly, secondly, it will develop the child's fine motor skills, and thirdly, it will allow him to play with his mother once again.

Draw houses for numbers. For example, a house for 4 looks like a tall rectangle with a roof. On the roof you draw the number 4. The house is five-story. On the first floor live 0 and 4, on the second - 1 and 3, on the third - 2 and 2, on the fourth - 3 and 1, on the fifth - 4 and 0. This method will allow the child to easily and quickly memorize the composition of numbers, as well as to play with the inhabitants of the house.

You can make a second house later, only not with numbers, but with objects or drawn little men, animals or circles. Or one house with four windows. And put "inhabitants" in the windows - for example, carved dogs. How many dogs live in the house? 4. And how many dogs will remain if one went to the store? That's right, three and one window will remain free. So, 4 occupied windows minus one dog equals 3 occupied windows.